Learning Type Test

What type of learner are you? With the cogni.net Learning Type Test it only takes a few minutes to find out your preferred way of learning and remembering.

Learning Types

Many people are sure that they already know their best learning process: by reading, listening, writing or by learning with images. They think they know their learning type. But when they try out a different way of learning they sometimes see that learning can be easier using another method. With the cogni.net Learning Type Test you can find out which learning method is perfect for you.


First tap on „Start with new user“, then enter your name or a nickname. After adjusting the volume start the test. In the next minutes 20 words will be shown, for 10 seconds each. Try to remember as many of the words as possible!

  1. First you will see a written word on the screen.
  2. Next a speaker icon is shown and you will hear the word.
  3. When you see the word with a pen icon, write the word down using pen and paper.
  4. In the fourth step an image with an object is shown.

Then the presentation starts over with step one (a written word) and repeats until all of the words have been shown.


The presentation is followed by a short distraction task. After that you will have up to three minutes of time to type in all the words you remember. Seperate the words by blank spaces. Capitalization and the order of the words are not important.
After you finish the text entry a bar diagram shows your personal strengths and weaknesses. You can also take a look at a list to see which words you could remember (and which not). Read the detailed description of your results for more information.
It is possible to repeat the test part (the entry of the words) after 24 hours at the earliest. Thus you can check your long term memory.

The test can be done by an unlimited number of people. The test content (words) is always the same. The screenshots below are partially pixelated to avoid an influence on the test results.