Your personal learning accellerator – day and night.

RapidLearn makes it possible to learn facts and languages quickly and easily - even while you sleep. The one-handed operation of RapidLearn allows you to record your own questions and answers very fast, even without looking. Unique is the intelligent learning system which adapts to your individual learning speed. Only RapidLearn offers the functionality to reinforce your learning while you sleep. RapidLearn is your perfect partner for exam preparation and the fast learning of languages and vocabulary.

New version available

Version 2.0 of RapidLearn and RapidLearn lite offers many new features and improvements:

-- When listening to the content, the sequence can be mixed at random.

-- If you want to listen to your content before sleeping, listening can be stopped after 15 minutes automatically.

-- Listening and Training: The font size of questions and answers has been increased.

-- It is not necessary to type your questions and answers on the iPhone any more. Write your text on a personal computer and import it as a new RapidLearn lesson using iTunes.

-- You can create a backup of your lessons using iTunes. It is also possible to import your lessons (or lessons of others) to RapidLearn with iTunes.

-- You can send your lessons to other people by e-mail. When receiving a lesson by e-mail, just tap on the attachment, RapidLearn will open and a new lesson will be created.

-- Social networks: You can share your lessons with your friends. Upload a lesson and send the link to the lesson to your friends at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or GoogleReader. Links will be available for six weeks.

-- To reduce the file size of the app, demo lessons are not integrated in the app any more. Free demo lessons and book2 language course examples can be downloaded for free from within RapidLearn. book2 language courses are not contained any more. They can be downloaded using a separate app which allows to learn more than 40 languages.

-- And there are many more changes and improvements...

Four steps to successful learning

1. Creation/Extension. Record questions and answers with the iPhone microphone or enter text with the keyboard or download add-ons for easy language learning.

2. Listening. Listen to your content through speakers or a headset, at home or on the go.

3. Training. Test yourself and evaluate your own answers. Difficult questions are repeated more often for maximized learning. RapidLearn adapts to your individual learning speed and allows you to achieve optimal learning with little effort.

Sleeping. New scientific research shows that it's easier to remember something when you have listened to it while in deep sleep. RapidLearn monitors your sleep pattern and detects the right moment to play your content.